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IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A Drug Free Option With Image Based Evidence of Success!

The Science and Technology

Various studies of the brain have shown people who tend to suffer from anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other neurological conditions have shown high levels of delta wave activity.

The IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback system has been proven to reduce or eliminate high levels of delta wave activity.  Brain scans done before and after treatment sessions with the IASIS technology have provided astounding results.

Proven Results

Our experience shows that 85% of patients report a positive response within one to three treatments.  Patients suffering from mild/moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, migraines, insomnia, depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and a host of other neurological disorders report a significant reduction in symptoms, improved sleep and reduced impulsivity.  These reported changes are generally enduring and sustainable.  Please visit the website at actual patient success stories, as well as a list of conditions for which IASIS has been found helpful.

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