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What is a Waterstone?

A waterstone is a tool – a natural stone – used to sharpen another instrument. I believe counseling is very similar in that we are all a “work in progress” – changing and growing – and in a safe environment we can sharpen one another in a way that creates authenticity and the freedom to be known.

God has used amazing counselors in my own life to affect change in me, and to challenge me in a way that encourages and strengthens. It is validating and encouraging to have an unbiased, yet honest, person in your life who can listen objectively and walk beside you as you sort through not only the daily joys and sorrows, but the unexpected and often unpreventable circumstances of life. 

Client Portal

Our Client Portal allows you to:

  • schedule and access your own appointments 

  • complete all necessary paperwork

  • access your intake and billing documents

  • access secure messaging 

To schedule your appointment, please click “Enter Client Portal” where you will be able to choose your service provider, the service you are interested in scheduling, and see all available appointment times.

You may also choose to call or email for assistance:

Heather Parker


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Client Portal

About Us

Our brokenness reveals something about who we are.  Our sufferings and pains are not simply bothersome interruptions of our lives; rather, they touch us in our uniqueness and our most intimate individuality.


~ Henri Nouwen

About Us

Heather Parker, M.Ed., LPC-S, NCC

“Our brokenness reveals something about who we are.  Our sufferings and pains are not simply bothersome interruptions of our lives; rather, they touch us in our uniqueness and our most intimate individuality.” ~ Henri Nouwen

I chose this path professionally because I believe that every person - regardless of their past, their current circumstances, or what the “world” has told them they can and cannot do - is valuable and has a story worthy of being told. 

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Heather Davis, CLC, ICP

The journey that has led me where I am today has taken many twists and turns – some expected and some not so much!  With those twists and turns, I am confident that every God-directed step of that path has been and continues to be a huge part of what allows me to walk with humility and gratitude with others who are brave enough to actively participate in their own journeys…..because let’s face it – this life is not always a walk in the park!  


Hannah Jones, Intern

Pursuing a career in counseling has been about engaging my own story and the struggles I have faced, as well as creating a safe space for others to do the same.  When friends and family ask what drew me to this profession my responses come easily.  First, I want to meet people wherever they are.  Too often we tell ourselves that we must show up in a way that is “expected” or “appropriate” rather than believing we can have the freedom and agency to be authentic in our brokenness.   

Our Services

Our vision is to create a safe space where we are able to work with individuals from a holistic perspective.  We want our clients to feel known and understood while also being able to rest in knowing that they will receive care from qualified and trusted professionals.


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